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Rodents we see around us are rats?

Rodents are the most diversified species of mammals and are found in a variety of habitats. They thrive in or close to human settlements where they could scrounge for easy food from agricultural fields, barns and homes.

Rodents are easily identified by their two pairs of razor sharp incisors on their upper and lower jaws. The common rodents that we see around us are rats, mice, squirrels, porcupines, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, beavers and hamsters. Some rodents are arboreal, whilst others are semi aquatic and the rest live in burrows. They are well diversified and adaptable forming about 40 % of the mammalian order.

Among rodents the genus Rattus rattus the black rat and Rattus norvegicus the brown rat are the most common within human settlements. Rats were the cause of the infamous, plague or Black Death, which killed nearly 200 million humans in the Middle Ages. Rats can spread disease and our frightening encounter with them is a lesson better learned.

Both the black and brown rats have a life span of about an year, but brown rats are known to live for four years in captivity. Rats are vulnerable to predators like snakes, hawks, eagles and others. They are ecologically controlled due the abundance of predators that look for rats and feed on them. Rats are known to have originated in the continent of Asia but with proliferation they live all over the World except the continent of Antarctica.

Rodents are just a small group of pests that we have to contend with, when we need to protect our hard earned money, dwellings, well being and health. There is an army of others waiting for the slightest opportunity offered by us to bring disease, anxiety and confusion to our lifestyle and homes.



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